Growing campaign success by empowering and training state leaders


  • Global Impact worked with a long-term public sector partner to review successes and challenges for the state’s annual employee giving campaign.
  • To increase giving, the state campaign team sought a strategy to refresh their training approach for employees serving as campaign volunteers who lead their colleagues and inspire participation.


  • Developed and hosted three campaign worker trainings on topics of: “Making the Ask,” “Engagement 101,” and “Know Your Why.”
  • Completed the first training session in-person to coincide with the campaign kickoff, ensuring quality delivery and maximizing employee understanding.
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer learning among campaign representatives to help drive individual departmental success.
  • Delivered up-to-date campaign results and updated strategies to support campaign goals during each webinar.


  • Raised more than $2.3 million through the annual workplace giving campaign in 2018.
  • Developed and delivered training for more than 56 employees across three webinars for the 2018 campaign.
  • Received positive feedback from participants, with one commenting that the monthly webinars encourage campaign volunteers to be motivated, proactive, and positive during the campaign and all year long. The individual added, “I really look forward to continuing to remain in touch, communicating, and networking with existing and new coordinators both agency and statewide.”

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Global Impact Case Study – a state workplace campaign
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