Donate to Support Clean Water

A child drinking water out of the faucet
Spigot pouring water drops into a bucket

Clean Water Fund

2.2 billion people worldwide lack access to safely managed drinking water. Support multiple charities in one pledge working on clean water.
Through this fund, you will join millions of other supporters to ensure access to clean water is a reality for everyone around the world.

Your contributions may support extensive work to provide clean drinking water and sanitation services, build water stations or provide agricultural irrigation solutions for communities in need.

Be a Global Champion


provides a water pump to efficiently irrigate farmland, increasing crop yield and earnings.


installs a school handwashing station for 150 students.


builds a water well in Bangladesh, providing approximately 500 people with clean, potable water.

Success Stories

For Prisca, hygiene has changed everything. A mother of five, Pricsa lives in the Misanjo village, part of the Chiradzulu District in southern Malawi. She introduces herself with a huge smile. She is proud of her role in the community and the story she has to tell. In 2020, Water For People began working with...
My name is Jean Milo and I am a father and a pastor here in Haiti. CMMB installed a water pump near our home in February and it’s changed our lives. In the past, we had to walk 60 minutes to the nearest river to get water. The water we used before was really not...
For impoverished children, access to clean water not only restores health but also opens doors to educational opportunities and a future to pursue their God-given potential. For more than three decades, World Vision has worked in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), originally starting with small water projects. Today, World Vision is reaching one new person...