Donate to Support Disaster Relief

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Disaster Relief Fund

Over the last decade, nearly 4,000 natural disasters have impacted 2 billion people costing $1.7 billion in damages. Support multiple charities in one pledge working on disaster relief.
Through this fund, you will help support proactive planning for natural and manmade disasters affecting millions of people worldwide. Your contributions can help deploy emergency medical assistance, supplies and medicine to those in disaster areas and war zones.

Be a Global Champion


can provide one month’s worth of food assistance for a family in Syria affected by the country’s ongoing crisis.


deploys a medical volunteer during a crisis or supplies ventilator equipment to save the lives of newborns.


can provide as many as 1,125 blankets to people in underserved communities.

Success Stories

Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program in Kenya is helping farmers like Paul Mwendo adapt to years of inadequate rainfall, with high-quality seeds for drought-tolerant crops and connections to new commercial buyers via mobile phone. For small-scale farmers, COVID-19 intensifies the already severe impacts of the climate crisis, not only for the farmers’ livelihoods, but for the...
Americares El Salvador Clinic Continues Care During COVID-19
In the spring of 2021, Keila and her family battled COVID-19. Keila’s physical symptoms weren’t bad, but the isolation during quarantine took a toll on her mental health. Things worsened when her daughter Camilla was born and rushed to a large hospital an hour away; Keila’s husband watched over the infant, leaving Keila recovering by...
Haiti Map
When a massive earthquake rocked Haiti on August 14, more than 650,000 people were left in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, while more than half of healthcare facilities were damaged or destroyed. At the request of the Haitian government, International Medical Corps staff and volunteers deployed our Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Fixed Type 1 facility—a...