Donate to Support Refugees

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Refugees Fund

There are over 100 million displaced people in the world today. Support multiple charities in one pledge working to support refugees.
Through this fund, you will support millions of families who have had to leave their home due to war or natural disaster.

Your contributions to this fund may support resources such as shelter, food and socioeconomic aid for refugees worldwide.

Be a Global Champion


can provide one week of emergency water supplies to a group of refugees in Syria.


can support an orphaned refugee in Gaza for one month.


can provide counselling and psychosocial support for 40 children refugees for a month.

Success Stories

It started with an observation. At some point in time, humanitarian organizations like ours had stopped thinking of refugees as their primary customer and instead become focused on large funders. We had deprioritized the people we are here to serve – and that wasn’t good enough. Kuja Kuja is our answer. It’s a real-time feedback...
Mikes Joseph made the mistake of getting older. Turning 18 was hardly his fault, but when Joseph celebrated his birthday in New York in 2016 he lost his eligibility for a special immigrant juvenile visa from Haiti. His legal status was in limbo and HIAS stepped in to help. Joseph, who came to the United...
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Ahmad, the nephew of one of our staff, is a 25 year-old living in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Like other Palestine refugees, as a school-aged kid, he attended the local UNRWA school where he got a solid education. Ahmad gets up every day and tries to make ends meet for his family....