For centuries, immigrants have flocked to the United States, writing the story of America as they created communities, structured governments and formed the foundation of our country.

For centuries, immigrants have flocked to the United States, writing the story of America as they created communities, structured governments and formed the foundation of our country. And for more than 70 years, Church World Service (CWS) has worked to support the individuals who seek to rebuild their lives in the United States, contributing their own chapter to the American story.

CWS has opened a doorway of opportunity for refugees fleeing violence and persecution who need help resettling and establishing their new lives in a new land. They provide support through all steps of the process – from planning and executing the move to resettling their lives, families and dreams where they can better thrive. 

CWS also works to give asylum-seekers and immigrants the tools necessary to support their livelihoods – which includes help navigating the legal system, providing attorneys to keep families together and establishing credit literacy. 

Since its founding, CWS has helped nearly 1 million refugees from all around the world resettle in the U.S., all across the country. CWS also trains faith leaders and identifies new strategies for community outreach efforts to grow support for refugees in local communities. Their offices are located across the U.S., serving as checkpoints and entryways for refugees to find a new home anywhere in the country.

Once settled, CWS connects refugee families with their local community, be it a church, community center or municipality, to ensure they have people around them able to help and provide support when they’re in needed. CWS staff routinely follow up to assist them throughout the beginning of their new lives.

You can stand with CWS and their mission to help make new arrivals feel welcome in the U.S., and “choose hope over fear” with your support.

A girl holds a watering can in Paraguay.

How to stand with #AllofUs
When the coronavirus crisis tightened its grip on the world, charities stepped up to the front lines of the battle. Countless fields, including medical, social and agricultural, thrive thanks to immigrants. Many are risking their lives to continue working and supporting the country during the pandemic – and when they return home, they rely on a coalition of charities, including CWS, to protect and provide their needs. 

But as businesses and public areas close to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many charities’ services and programs have been interrupted or adjusted. Charities like CWS need support from all of us more than ever before.

The #AllofUs campaign was established to help unite all to give back and support each other during this time of need for all. “We are reminded of what matters … that all human life is precious, and that we all need one another,” says the founders’ statement on their website. With that mission in mind, the charity union asks donors and citizens to help provide for and lift up the families who are their neighbors here in the U.S., “whether they’ve been [here] for months or a lifetime.” 

Supporters can download graphics and share on social media to show unity in support of inclusivity. Donors are encouraged to donate to local food banks to help immigrants and refugees who may be without steady income or resource for nutrition.

Even if one is not in a position to donate, one can help immigrants and refugees feel safe, protected and supported, especially during this time. Follow the campaign on Twitter for great insight to how individuals can impact many lives, whether by an act of kindness, donating a mask or participating in a virtual talk; and see how one small gesture can give hope.

Get involved with Church World Service in the virtual workplace
You can bring relief to those affected by COVID-19 right from your home by assembling Church World Service kits! Reach out to your employer or employees – see if you can create teams and have a friendly competition to build the kits listed below. Whoever assembles the most wins!  

  • Hygiene kits. Valued at $15, these include basic hygiene supplies such as a washcloth, Band-Aids, soap, toothbrushes – something every human needs.
  • School kits for students. Valued at $15, these kits typically include erasers, writing utensils, a few craft items and notebooks to help every child enter school with the right tools for success.
  • Emergency cleanup buckets. Valued at $75, one would include sponges, detergents, masks, gloves and other necessities designed to help support a family that is rebuilding or cleaning their home after a storm or flood.

In lieu of assembling a kit, you can also support the efforts of CWS and our many other Charity Alliance partners who are responding to the pandemic by giving to our Coronavirus Relief Fund

Your company can even contact us about hosting a CWS event and see how your whole team can get involved in helping create awareness for those in need through CWS.