Disaster Relief

From tsunamis and wildfires to global pandemics and civil unrest –more than ever, we know that no person or community is immune to the effects of hard-hitting disasters. From 2000 to 2019, there were 7,348 major recorded disaster events.

  • In 2020, damages totaling $210 billion were caused by natural disasters.
  • Disasters affect those in poverty most heavily: high death tolls occur in low- and middle-income countries without the infrastructure to protect and respond to disasters. 
  • Natural disasters kill an average of 45,000 people per year, globally. 

The good news is our charity partners listed below are on the ground coordinating with all involved parties to respond immediately, and they also provide long-term relief for affected communities. Their programs include setting up safe spaces for children, delivering critical supplies and medical support, preparing communities to reduce the impact of a disaster, rebuilding houses, providing economic opportunities for resilience, and more.

Explore blog posts, images, success stories and videos to see the impact of their work.

Feeling inspired? Be a global champion and help assure disaster relief by supporting Global Impact charities through your employee giving campaign. Learn more about active emergency response efforts.

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Donating funds or volunteer time to international causes has a vital, far-reaching impact on empowering economic stability, promoting equality and building a better world.
Food for the Poor delivers food and supplies by boat
Resilience: the ability of individuals to bounce back from adversity stronger than before. We have seen this concept working overtime for a year and a half as the world builds a path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and other global emergencies. In 2020 alone, a number of overwhelming disasters affected over 98 million people….
A girl smiles at the camera.
There are many different ways to volunteer virtually, but one model that lends itself to this format is skills-based volunteering.
A girl facing away from the camera holding a Playstation controller sitting in front of a screen displaying a game and cheering with her arms in the air.
What if games actually could make a difference in the real world? Tuun and the International Medical Corps made that happen this year.
An adult holding a child patient's hand
When I left college nine years ago, like many, I was suddenly confronted with the big question – what’s next? With no set plan or vision for what I wanted to do, I decided to start my job search with one of my favorite hobbies – I began working in the museums that I loved…
A group of people stand together next to a building.
For a long time, I only knew The Salvation Army for the thrift stores and the bell ringers that we see around the holidays.



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Success Stories

Disaster Relief After Hurricane Dorian
2020 was the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, with 30 named storms. In the span of about two months, the Gulf Coast was hit by 4 major hurricanes: Laura, Sally, Delta, and Zeta. These storms caused widespread destruction throughout multiple states. In response to these storms, Matthew 25: Ministries shipped 38 truckloads of…
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On 16 September 2020, a student stands in an empty classroom in Panama City, Panama. A generation of children in Latin America and the Caribbean are missing out on schooling because of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, 97 per cent of the region’s students have been deprived of their normal schooling. More than seven months into…
Haiti Map
When a massive earthquake rocked Haiti on August 14, more than 650,000 people were left in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, while more than half of healthcare facilities were damaged or destroyed. At the request of the Haitian government, International Medical Corps staff and volunteers deployed our Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Fixed Type 1 facility—a…
Michel became a mom in June 2021, when baby Nathan was born; she’s part of the Wayuu community. She lives with her dad, brother and another child that a friend asked her to care for two years ago. She’s a medical laboratory technician and holds a B.A. in Administration. Although she currently works as a…
A fight against the spread of hunger is underway across East Africa, where 32.9 million people are experiencing a complex hunger crisis driven by conflict, the economic impacts of the global pandemic, swarms of desert locusts, and extreme weather conditions. According to the United Nations, at least 5.3 million people in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and…
Collapsed classrooms. Crumbled rooves. Terrified children. The earthquake that strucksouthern Haiti in August 2021 caused widespread damage and left behind a lot of questions. With more than 70% of schools in the region affected, the new school year, set to start in October,was seriously compromised. Most schools were severely damaged or destroyed—and even those not…