Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is challenging to discuss – and even upsetting to think about. But victims deserve our support, so it’s important for us to talk about it. They need us to speak out and take action against what’s happening. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, technology has helped trafficking move further underground, and limited government capacity makes it harder for local officials to reach and save victims. 

  • An estimated 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor.
  • Women and girls are disproportionately affected by human trafficking, accounting for 71% of all victims.
  • 3.8 million adults are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation and 1 million children are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation. 

The good news is our charity partners listed below are working to end human trafficking. Their programs include advocacy for slavery-free commerce, rescue and rehabilitation, awareness training, reducing violence against women and children, and more.  

Explore blog posts, images, success stories and videos to see the impact of their work.  

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Women gather for their weekly savings meeting
Human trafficking is one of the hardest international relief and development causes to talk about. The crime has been documented in 148 countries, and includes forced sexual exploitation, labor, involuntary marriage, organ trade and more. An estimated 40.3 million people are trafficked each year, and roughly a third of those are children under the age…
Women smiling together.
Modern slavery, or new slavery, is hidden in a way that old enslavement was not.
Two girls sitting together
World Relief is an organization that mobilizes and equips local churches and communities to not only combat slavery and human trafficking, but to help heal and rehabilitate survivors. Test your knowledge about human trafficking and some of the shocking statistics.



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Success Stories

ECPAT-USA’s Youth Against Child Trafficking (Y-ACT) program empowers youth to take the lead in anti-human trafficking efforts. ECPAT-USA trains students to be the foremost advocates in their communities and among their peers, educating them on the facts, misconceptions, and risks of trafficking. Students are provided the tools needed to identify the warning signs and proper…
Michel became a mom in June 2021, when baby Nathan was born; she’s part of the Wayuu community. She lives with her dad, brother and another child that a friend asked her to care for two years ago. She’s a medical laboratory technician and holds a B.A. in Administration. Although she currently works as a…
A fight against the spread of hunger is underway across East Africa, where 32.9 million people are experiencing a complex hunger crisis driven by conflict, the economic impacts of the global pandemic, swarms of desert locusts, and extreme weather conditions. According to the United Nations, at least 5.3 million people in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and…
Kashi* was only 5 years old when strangers took her from her parents and sold her into domestic servitude to a wealthy family in Mumbai. For the next ten years, she cooked and cleaned around the clock while facing disturbing physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Later, the family took 15-year-old Kashi to Kolkata and began…
To combat human trafficking made possible by many elements of society, Ashoka Fellow Ioana Bauer is taking the whole enabling system apart. Romania is the epicenter of trafficking in Europe. Of all European countries, Romania has the highest number of identified labor and sex trafficking victims, nearly half of whom are minors. Globally, human trafficking…
Meet Carline Like many people in rural Haiti, Carline grew up in poverty. As a child, Carline’s family struggled to care for her. When she got older, she was sent to live with another family. Although her family thought Carline would be cared for, she endured enslavement and abuse. As an adult, Carline struggled to…